1200 Hitch Installation

       1. Remove side trunks. 

       2. Remove bolts (C) on both sides.

       3.  Remove bolts (B) on one side only.

       4. Loosen bolts (A)

       5. Swing back your trunk frame so you can put hitch in place.

       6. Remove rubber plug from front of trunk frame. 

       7. Put hitch between trunk frame and cycle frame, 
           then put in bolts (C) on both sides. But do not tighten yet. 

      8. Remove bolt (A) and drill out thread to 5/16th on both sides.  
          Then attach brace with tapped hole to the top. 
          Put behind the frame. Put longer bolt in which is provided.  

     9. Attach the end of two braces to the hitch. 

    10. Tighten all bolts and put trunks back on. 

     You will need a 10mm socket, 1/2 inch socket or wrench and a drill and 5/16 inch bit.

Just a few tips when pulling a trailer behind your motorcycle!

1. The tongue weight should be between 20 and 30 lbs. IMPORTANT: Too much weight on the tongue
    will cause the cycle to sag, and too much weight on the rear will cause the trailer to sway.

2. When pulling a trailer and you are stopping ,give yourself at least 1/3 more stopping time.

3. When pulling your trailer remember your unit is now twice as long as it was before.
    When your are passing or going around a corner give yourself more room.

4. If pulling a trailer for the first time take it easy. Become familiar with your cycle and trailer combination.